About Manschetts

Considered restwear that feels as good in bed as it looks. Innovative fabrics and functional silhouettes designed to make you rest-ready anytime.
Manschetts Story

An old Arabian saying goes as: “Need is the mother of inventions”.

We noticed that here in Finland there is a clear growing need for stylish men’s clothing, that isn’t just basic black, grey and dark blue. The demand just got stronger through social media and globalization, because men got on top of their style, fashion sense and obtained a more personalized type of style.

A Finnish saying goes as: “Hard work beats luck”. So we decided to dive straight into men’s fashion in Finland and renew it. We genuinely want to be creating a new dressing culture for men in Finland! Our vision is to be one of Finland’s most well-known men’s clothing brands in stylish everyday clothing and especially formal clothing.


We want to reinforce and invent men’s dressing culture in Finland. So that everyone can be stylish in their own unique way.

We are all our own self and so is our style. Everyone has their own desires about colors, style, comforts, and details and so on. The whole beautiful nation’s men’s cannot be condemned to a few basic colors for centuries. We want to introduce new color combinations that reinforce an individuals or even the whole nation’s dressing culture and style sense.

We know that a man in Finland is often a bit shy and quiet when it comes to clothing, but on the other hand very interested in it. He wants guidance, almost an engineered realization and formula, why a color, style or a specific detail fits his style, personality, work and so on. Getting a hang of the cause-effect relation of clothing, he has fire ignited in him that will not go out and is very keen on learning more! -Sure sometimes the starting point is to be very self-aware about why we in general dress up. That’s where you need a bit more realization! This is what we at Manschett want to offer every single man in Finland.
Informative Customer Service​
We left the numbers and greed for gain behind us and did not go sales first when we started building Manschett. We chose informative customer service as our foundation and the sales interaction as our number one priority. This is how we focus on our goal, style revolution. We put effort into our informative customer service and give our opinion on what fits the customer the best and what would be most suitable for that occasion. Even if there are no purchases made we try and think out for future events. This is how the customer gets an enriched personal dressing culture and style sense and gets a great experience where we truly tried to find the best options for him. Like our ancestors said: “Learning never exhausts the mind”
A Broad Selection​
The second pillar at Manschett after informative customer service is a broad selection of products. Because we believe here at Manschett that everyone is their own individual, then you must look like it. We don’t mean that you should look like a peacock nor that you’ve given absolutely everything towards clothing. But look like your own unique self, yet with your own stylish twist. Either in a representative role or just a normal day at the office, where you meet others or just yourself. Our wish is that at the same wedding everyone is not wearing the same dark blue suit where everyone is each other’s copies, better or worse. For every customer we try to create a great sense of their own style and through that build the perfect outfit, which will make you stand out to your own benefit.
Manschett is a Finnish clothing brand, whose passion is to enrich the market with good and top quality men’s fashion clothing products. Our products are made in responsibly certified factories alongside well known global quality brands. The factories are located in Italy and turkey. The materials are mostly from Italy. The products are designed in Finland and developed constantly considering the needs and wishes of men in Finland.
Manschett has shown great knowledge, ability and has constantly received great feedback from customers. Our products are sold in our own stores, on our website and other retail stores. We are constantly on the look for resellers and partnerships, so don’t be shy and contact us!