Privacy policy and your trust, two things that are extremely important to us! Manschett follows the general data protection regulation requirements, in this privacy statement we inform you about what information we obtain from you and where we use it. We will also let you know how you can get a hold of your information and how it can be forgotten.


Accepting the privacy statement


Being able to use Manschett services (mainly online) you need to accept the following requirements, regarding collecting, use and handling of your information.

We are allowed to use the following information.


            -Information through our online services

            -Your given information either through our website or in person

            -Information through analytics


When information is being gathered you will be asked to accept, that will be registered into our data. The acceptance can be done by contact or consent when creating an account, in shop or online through communication or through other ways of obtaining information for example accepting cookies on our website.


Why does Manschett collect data?


-First of all to improve our customer service and make the service more personal.

-So that we can offer insight on products and give you suggestions.

-To improve marketing and do marketing research.

-To make an easy and safe service.

-To develop our online services.

-To make it easier for returns and claims.

-Promote our business development.

-Implement our statutory duties.


Data controller

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For further information about the data protection contact us,

What information does Manschett collect and store?

  1. Person -and contact information which are name, phone number, email, billing and postal address.
  2. Information that personalizes your experience such as size, product and color preferences.
  3. Information about products and services that you are interested in based on searches on our website or conversations had in store.
  4. Orders-, purchases-, and click history as a registered customer and visitor.
  5. Phone calls, emails, chats and social media messages through Manschett channels.
  6. Information about how you have used Manschett services, for example Website usage and response time, how you ended up there and how you left. (mainly unanimous information)
  7. The needed information for logging into our website, for example your email address.
  8. Information gathered through customer satisfaction and marketing research.
  9. Marketing communication license.
  10. Reviews on Manschett different sites for example our website or Facebook.
  11. Information through the payment terminal.

Mainly you are the source of our data by using our services. On top of this we may use data provided by our partners such as creditors.

You can see your own information from our websites on your profile and if wanted you can delete all of your information.

Who handles my information?

Only Manschett employees and chosen partners (example website administrator)

Have access to customer information. Also our permitted partners for example paying agents, logistic companies and printing houses have access to specific information such as purchases from our website for exact marketing.

Every partner of ours that has access to customer information belongs to a contract that falls under the general data protection regulation. In our operation we take into consideration the Finnish law and EU general data protection regulations in place.

Where is my personal information handled?

The services used to handle information and other technical tools are the data controllers used third party service providers owned and controlled. The information is stored based on the service provider either in Finland and the EU or EEA countries’ servers. The servers can be located outside the EU or the EEA.

Look after your customer accounts password and make sure the password is strong enough.

How long is your information stored?

We will keep the information for the time needed, so that we can implement the usage that is explained above. If you have not used your account in three years it will be deleted. If law insists we will keep the needed information longer.

If you have given permission for direct marketing, we will handle information that is registered for direct marketing until you delete yourself from the register or you inform us that you do not want to receive direct marketing. You can send the request to be deleted by contacting Manschett customer service.

What rights do I have?

You have rights to the information obtained from you:

Right to know what data we have collected and saved from you.

Right to ask us to rectify information regarding you.

Through certain conditions ask for limitations regarding your information.

The handling and saving of information is done by your acceptance and you have the right to revoke that at any time. By deleting the account or requesting your information to be deleted, at the same time you will revoke your acceptance of the general data acceptance regulation. Due to juridical reasons we might have to save part of the customer information despite the anonymity request.

Correction or other customer information requests or questions you can send to customer service. If you find any lack in our operation or our handling you have the right to make a complaint to the Data Protection Ombudsman). We hope you inform us about these sort of situations as well because we want to correct our mistakes!

Where can I find the information saved from me?

From the customer account page you can see the information you have given. We are constantly improving the customer account page so that we can provide better service regarding these things. We might also have information saved into our database (example sizes) that cannot be seen on your customer account. You can also request to see this information.

How can I fix my information or be forgotten?

You can fix the information yourself or delete it from your customer account or you can contact customer service and request it to be done for you.

How and why does Manschett use cookies?

Manschett website uses cookies and other similar functions for example the website’s storage. A cookie is a small text file that is sent and stored on the user’s computer that allows the website’s admin to recognize the users visiting the site. We use cookies so that we can provide smooth and direct services.

For direct marketing and improving our services we use google analytics services so that we can analyses our website traffic. We also use analytic tools provided by social media websites.

Can I block the use of cookies?

You can change the use of the settings for cookies either in the website or on the device. You can either block the usage of cookies or completely delete them when you close the page. Notice that all of Manschett services might not work if you block or delete the cookies.

Manschett right to change the privacy statement.

We are constantly improving our services so that we can provide you with an even better customer experience. Because of this, we might update or delete the services we use and ways of operation. Thus, we will update this privacy statement. Naturally the change of law might force us to specify some parts of the statement.

For significant changes we will separately notify the customer.

Privacy statement updates 02.10.2022.

Where can I get more information?

You can contact our customer service at: